[Spoiler] Lee Dong-wook confesses and hugs Kim Seon-ah

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Actor Lee Dong-wook and actress Kim Seon-ah's romance has officially started.

SBS TV drama "Scent of a Woman" showed the two people hugging each other.

On the sixth episode, Lee Dong-wook (Kang Ji-wook) confessed his love for Kim Seon-ah (Lee Yeon-jae) and pulled her into an aggressive hug.

This scene was taken in the middle of a housing street in Seoul on the 10th. The two were so nervous it lit up their faces but managed to get the 'OK' sign at once.

Kang Ji-wook confessed his feelings honestly after all the suppressing and transferred the truth to her with a hug. Lee Yeon-jae too, stayed in his arms and let out her true feelings, showing the start of a hot romance.

The productions said, "The viewers are getting pleasure from the romantic scenes starting from the hot beach date and romantic tango. As their romance starts, it is bound to give viewers more joy in watching the drama".

Source: news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean)
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