Kim Seon-ah and Kim Joo-hyeok's poster for "Fighting Spirit"

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The actual poster for Kim Seon-ah and Kim Joo-hyeok's movie "Fighting Spirit" has been revealed.

"Fighting Spirit" is a human comedy movie about the revival of Yoon Do-hoon (Kim Joo-hyeok), a former superstar and current junk pitcher.

On the poster, Kim Joo-hyeok has Kim Seon-ah on his back with his fists up like Popeye under a clear sunny sky.

Taking on the role of former Lotte Giants superstar, Kim Joo-hyeok has on a baseball uniform and a bright expression to go along with it. Kim Seon-ah who takes on the role of Oh Yoo-ran, wife to Yoon Do-hoon, is on his back on this poster and looks like she has everything in the world.

There is also a sentence, "I would like to be...the best in your life at least once" on the poster, bringing out curiosity to what the movie has to tell.

Director Kim Sang-jin's 10th movie "Fighting Spirit" will be released this fall.

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