"The Musical" confirmed to be broadcast next month! Daesung's "What's Up?"

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Drama "The Musical" with Koo Hye-seon and Choi Daniel has been confirmed to be formed by SBS.

As the SBS TV program "Dalgona" was cancelled, "The Musical" will take place every Friday starting the 2nd next month. The production will continue with shooting the drama that was put on hold and finish everything before the actual airing.

Koo Hye-seon to whom this is the first drama in 2 and a half years after "Boys over Flowers", will take on the role of Ko Eun-bi who dreams of becoming a musical actress. Choi Daniel will take on the role of Hong Jay, a famous musical writer from Broadway.

Ock Ju-hyun who is currently a musical actress will make an appearance as the musical 'Queen'.

Meanwhile, as "The Musical"s broadcast has been confirmed, another musical drama called "What's Up" draws curiosity.

Once well known for its cast of Im Joo-hwan and Im Jeo-eun as well as idol star Daesung, "What's Up" still hasn't got a broadcast yet. It looks like the recent news of Daesung's car accident and Il Joo-hwan's military service will have influence on the promotion of this drama.

Personnel said, "We hope for good news for "What's Up" as much as dramas "BIRDIE BUDDY", "The Musical", "Poseidon" and more ended up with good broadcast. If it isn't aired in 2011, then it could be ignored by viewers as the generations don't reflect".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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