Super Junior Si-won "Jeong Woo-seong always lives fancy"

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Group Super Junior's Choi Si-won is about to follow Jeong Woo-seong.

On the SBS TV program "Kang Heart" on the 23rd, Choi Si-won imitated Jeong Woo-seong's pose and said, "He looks like a master piece anywhere".

He continued, "His lines are alive with everything he says".

The members of Super Junior also imitated Choi Si-won and had a laugh saying, "His life is quite the fancy very much like Jeong Woo-seong's".

Meanwhile, on this days episode of "Kang Heart", were the ten members of Super Junior, actor Choi Min-soo, Seong Hoon, Lim Soo-hyang and Song Kyeong-cheol.

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