"City Hunter" : 7 secrets to charm Lee Min-ho's type to fall in love with You (a la Kim Na-na)

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Who wants to be Lee Min-ho's sweetheart?? Wow so many raising hands! I do want to. Imagine, sitting on a bench in a sunny but warm spring weather. You are holding a sweet strawberry and chocolate ice cream. And sitting beside you, is Lee Min-ho who is smiling and his eyes are looking only at you with love. Perfecto!

As Kim Na-na in "City Hunter", Park Min-yeong has successfully charmed Lee Min-ho a.k.a Lee Yoon-seong and turned him head over heels only for Na-na.

What has she done to make the most adored man crazily love her? Yes she is pretty. Yes she is tall. But physical things are not enough to make Lee Min-ho fall in love.

But, how to make it to a reality in your own life?

Targeting Lee Min-ho, it is nearly impossible. But for a Lee Min-ho kind of guy, that's more than possible.

Here are Kim Na-na's secrets that have lured Lee Min-ho

1. The two sides of your self

Yes we know that Kim Na-na is a powerful and fearless bodyguard. So strong then she was chosen to be the President's private bodyguard. But, look thoroughly to the picture, even if she's wearing a formal white shirt and manly black suit, isn't she cute with her wink and kiss? And perfected with her shocking-pink purse and tiny little doll. Voila, a cute but strong and talented woman is the most attractive.

2. Smartly hide your jealousy

Even if Na-na's heart is burning and the green monster is ready to jump out, hang on. Handsome man will always be surrounded by many beautiful girls. To be his perfect match, it is an extra if you take the 'Anger Management' class. Count 1,2,3 , take a deep breath, smile and say 'I'm not jealous'. Then you'll be a special woman who can control your own feeling and eventually, HIS feeling.

3. Being a loving person

There's a phrase in Asian saying that 'if you want to marry a man, don't just marry him but also marry his family'. That's true. And Na-na absolutely knows this rule. She patiently visits Lee Yoon-seoung's mom in the hospital and shows her affection towards the ahjussi. Good on you, Na-na. Which man doesn't want to spend his life with a woman that can take care of not only himself but also his family? Even Lee Min-ho loves it.

4. Kids, Kids and Kids

Kids are very important. If a woman shows his dissatisfaction and dislike towards kids, how could a man willing to continue his relationship with her? Everyone's dream is having a happy family with their partner and create an offspring. Unless, they have an early agreement of not having a kid, that's another case.

5. Love happens in Judo

Judo has two advantages for a woman. First, it is an effective tool for self-defense when facing an 'unwanted man'. Second, sometimes love happens during the judo. Simply trip his ankle, make him falls, and voila! There you are, face to face with your loved one.

6. Have your shoulder ready

Sometimes, it is not always a woman who needs a shoulder to cry on. Having a hard day, more importantly if he's a City Hunter, it always feels good to have someone whom you can put your head on. It feels like half of your burden has been taken away.

7. The short isn't always the loser

Good news if you are tiny in size. Ask his help to grab something in which you can't reach. Rule number 1 in the book about seducing a man is "Man always want to feel needed by his girl. But don't forget girls! Praise him afterward. Because man is a creature that full of pride".

Happy trying and let me know if you can catch your dream man's heart.

Written by : Liviana. Andrian (pimbrella@gmail.com)
Source: hancinema.net (English Korean)


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