Best friends Kwon Sang-woo and So Ji-sub compete with mellow this fall

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Best friends Kwon Sang-woo and So Ji-sub will compete with mellow acts this fall. The two take on the roles of men with deep wounds on the inside but love women with physical pain.

Kwon Sang-woo is Nam-soon, a man who doesn't feel pain but loves a woman who feels critical pain even at the smallest touch in the movie "Painted". Nam-soon doesn't feel pain as he feels guilty of a car accident that killed his family when he was young. It has been said that him and partner Jeong Ryeo-won truly touched the hearts of those who saw their affection.

Standing up to this is So Ji-sub's "Only You - Movie" in which he plays the role of former boxer Cheol-min. He had to come down from the ring because of his dark past but puts his life on the line for a woman who losing her sight. Apparently, the staff admired So Ji-sub's perfect immersion in the character.

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