3 reasons why "Heartstrings" wasn't appealing

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MBC drama "Heartstrings" ended on the 18th with a total of 15 episodes.

Despite the fact that this drama was created by master of comedy dramas producer Pyo Min-soo and lead by Hallyu star Jeong Yong-hwa, "Heartstrings" strayed around a poor result of 5~6%.

In the end, there were rumors about the changing of PD and writer or early closing and it ended an episode shorter than the usually planned 16. What is the reason it failed to promote?

* Failure in character structure

It's not an overstatement to say that the characters bring dramas to life. Slow progress can be recovered according to how appealing the female and male character is. Enthusiasm for the characters will soon lead to enthusiasm for the drama.

However, in "Heartstrings" there was no appealing character. The main actor Lee Sin (Jeong Yong-hwa) is the hottest boy with charisma in the Cultural Arts School but he is too much like a boy to say he's a man. The main actress Lee Gyoo-won ( Park Sin-hye) is also nothing but a cheerful college girl that can be seen anywhere.

Musical director from Broadway Kim Seok-hyeon (Song Chang-ee) and female professor Jeong Yoon-Soo (So I-hyeon) also didn't have many distinctive to feel their existence.

* A music drama that lacked 20%

"Heartstrings" promised the liveliness and passion of the youth through music and dance but it wasn't polished. Only Lee Sin played the guitar in his band and Gyoo-won played the Korean zither every once in a while but that was it to say it was a musical story.

As the 100th year celebration performance became centralized, through the process of preparing for it, there was no process of anyone improving. Only the fight for the leading lady existed and was misunderstood as an 'extreme youth drama'.

* Underdone love of the early 20s

The core of a romantic drama is a heart-beating love line. Viewers tremble at their love and get hurt by their pain. "Heartstrings" was about the love of 21-year old college students. However, it was only fresh and pretty. Maybe it was enough to affect viewers in their 10s and 20s but didn't communicate with the 30s.

Lee Sin and Gyoo-won were pure and cute but it wasn't desperate and stunning. Just like "The Greatest Love" and "Babyfaced Beauty" became popular with its love story up to the 30s, the viewers want a more realistic yet dramatic love story.

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