Kim Hyun-joong is on the first page of a Malaysian newspaper

Thursday, August 25, 2011 0 comments

Singer Kim Hyun-joong appeared on the first page of the Malaysian newspaper.

On an online community board on the 24th, several pictures were posted with the title, "Our Kim Hyun-joong is on the cover page!"

In the pictures were pictures taken by a fan of the newspaper he was in from top to bottom. The first page of it was just plastered with pictures and interviews, proving his position as a Hallyu star.

Those who have seen the picture say, "The story behind the Hallyu wave was true", "Kim Hyun-joong is the extreme Hallyu star", "Maybe people see the same despite boundaries", "Kim Hyun-joong's excellent looks are also agreed upon in Malaysia", "It's awesome he's on the front page" and more.

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