[Spoiler] Jeong Ga-eun makes first appearance 'drunk'

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Actress Jeong Ga-eun made her first appearance as a drunken girl in the drama "A Thousand Kisses".

On the MBC TV drama "A Thousand Kisses", nuisance Jang Hye-bin (Jeong Ga-eun) rang the golden bell, drunk in a club.

Hye-bin is a character who grew up under well-off resort owning parents without need of anything. She is a nuisance from a wealthy family who hasn't made a penny on her own before but won't use or wear anything that isn't high quality brand.

She boasted out loud that she will pay for all the drinks in the club while ringing the golden bell. Her cards were seized and she didn't have any cash but she made her brother Woo-bin (Ji Hyeon-woo) take care of her mess and passed out.

Woo-bin then shoved the 3.5 million won receipt in her face but she acted audacious saying she didn't have any money.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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