Rain, finished filming Flight

Monday, August 29, 2011 0 comments

Singer and actor Rain has finished filming the movie, "Flight: Closer to the Sun".

He posted a picture on his Twitter on the 26th saying, "I am finally done with the movie "Flight: Closer to the Sun". I hope you look forward to it".

In the picture is Rain with co-actor Oh Dal-soo. Rain in the picture is smiling his unique 'half moon' smile.

Those who have seen this say, "I am looking forward to it!", "Rain's various transformations!", "I am going to watch it as soon as it's out!" and more.

Meanwhile, "Flight: Closer to the Sun" is about the life and love of pilots who have their lives on the sky and the main actors are, Rain, Sin Se-kyeong, Yoo Joon-sang, Kim Sung-soo and more.

Source : movie.daum.net/movieI... ( Korean )
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