[Spoiler] "The Princess' Man" Park Si-hoo found out about Moon Chae-won

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"The Princess' Man" Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hoo) found out about Lee Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won).

On the ninth episode of KBS 2TV drama "The Princess' Man", Kim Seung-yoo sneaks into the palace to find the princess but gets caught by General Soo Yang (Kim Young-cheol). He manages to escape with the help of Jeong-jong (Lee Min-woo).

Out of the palace, Seung-yoo headed for where his father Kim Jong-seo (Lee Soon-jae) was hiding but was attacked. Kim Jong-seo passed away and Kim Seung-yoo was left greatly injured.

Just as the last strike was about to be put on Kim Seung-yoo, Sin-myeon (Song Jong-ho) came in. After he took over Seung-yoo who was a friend, he took him to the forest saying, "I want to bury you somewhere secluded" thinking he was dead.

Just as he was returning from the forest, he heard a cough. He drew his knife but couldn't kill his friend and saved him.

Kim Seung-yoo cried tears of sorrow after seeing what happened to his father. He determined to take revenge on General Soo Yang for what he did to his father and stood in front of his house.

However, he couldn't continue with his revenge. Just as he was drawing his sword, he spotted Lee Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) standing amongst his family. He couldn't hide his surprise.

Meanwhile, the preview on this day showed a sneak peak of Se-ryeong who was trying to commit suicide and Kim Seung-yoo who's life was at risk.

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