Kim Seon-ah "I want to lay down for 5 minutes"

Monday, August 29, 2011 0 comments

Actress Kim Seon-ah expressed the stress she was going through because of the drama.

She posted on her Me Today on the 27th, "I wish I laid down for 5 minutes with my legs stretched out. My recent top 5 bucket list number 1".

She is currently filming the SBS drama "Scent of a Woman". She wasn't an exception to the recent drama production environment issue.

However, at the same time she uploaded some pictures with the title "Tango~ Tango~ Yeon-jae and Eun-seok are practicing!" and showed her passion for the drama.

Netizens say, "I am enjoying your drama, keep it up", "Can't you really just lay down for 5 minutes?", "I look forward to the weekend!", "I hope you feel better soon", "Eat well" and more.

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