[Spoiler] D-1 "Heartstrings" Jeong Yong-hwa and Park Sin-hye 'sad ending?'

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With just a single more episode to go, MBC drama "Heartstrings" Jeong Yong-hwa and Park Sin-hye hinted goodbye.

The fifteenth episode of "Heartstrings" on the 17th showed Lee Sin (Jeong Yong-hwa) hurting his wrist while helping a falling Lee Gyoo-won (Park Sin-hye).

He felt pain in his wrist but didn't show it in case Gyoo-won would get worried. He found the hospital alone and the doctor looked at him with a solemn face.

Meanwhile, Gyoo-won received a love call from a record company after the 100th anniversary performance and passed the audition, getting the chance to go overseas.

With London ahead of her, Gyoo-won told Lee Sin, "I won't be able to see you as often as now when I get busy". Lee Sin replied, "I don't care if I see you only once a year, I want you to work hard and do your best".

At the end of the broadcast, Lee Sin felt great pain in his wrist and fell down while performing at Catharsis. Surprised, Gyoo-won ran up to the stage. In the preview, Lee Sin breaks up with Gyoo-won win a wrist surgery coming up.

It seems like he will break up with her for he is worried that she might give up her dreams in burden of what's happened to him. Later on the community board, viewers posted, "I can't believe they will part. Please make it a happy ending", "Do you have to make this happen with only one episode to go? Just give us something sweet" and more.

Meanwhile, "Heartstrings" will end in 15 episodes and not 16 like it was actually planned to.

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