[Spoiler] "Warrior Baek Dong-soo" Choi Min-soo shows affection for daughter

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Cheon (Choi Min-soo) showed fatherly love for his daughter Hwang Jin-joo (Yoon Soy).

On the seventeenth episode of SBS drama "Warrior Baek Dong-soo", Cheon managed to escape safely with Hwang Jin-joo.

Ji (Yoon Ji-min) tells Cheon, "Save the girl. She's your daughter". Surprised, he asked her back the question, then escaped with Hwang Jin-joo, leaving Jin behind.

He was surprised she was his daughter but he took good care of her. Brushing his injuries aside, he bought her food and ornaments. It was the fatherly love he didn't express with words.

But as soon as Hwang Jin-joo woke up, she pointed a knife at him. He told her, "Your mother asked me to take care of you". However she didn't believe him and said, "I have to go". Cheon managed to calm her down and said, "It's still dangerous out so stay one more night".

Ji and Hwang Jin-ki (Seong Ji-roo) managed to save their lives thanks to Baek Dong-soo (Ji Chang-wook) who suddenly appeared. The killers turned away at his short movement and even Yeo-woon (Yoo Seung-ho) said, "Our mission is to slit their throats but we don't want to do it here" and left.

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