[Exclusive] Who are the 2 men that sent Han Ye-seul off?

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Like a shadow from procedure to departure..'.isn't one a lover?'

Sports Hangook exclusively caught images of Han Ye-seul leaving the LA International Airport. She met with Sports Hangook stablemate Miju Hangook News at the airport on

At the scene of Han Ye-seul leaving LA, two men who escorted her caught our eyes.

A woman who seemed to be her friend and 2 men were taking care of her from 10:30 in the morning when she arrived at the airport and until 12:30 when she got on the plane. The woman was the one who came out to greet her the previous day.

As Miju Hangook asked her about her return plans, she answered, "I haven't slept and really tired". Many people are curious as to who are the people who guarded her side until she departed for Korea.

If she was with her lover like it was reported at first, then one of the two should've been her lover. Her boyfriend was with her when she was going over to LA and even when she had arrived it is said that she had help from him going through procedures. However, Han Ye-seul is denying the marriage rumor.

Source: news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean)
Credit to hancinema.net


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