[Spoiler] "Scent of a Woman" Kim Seon-ah says goodbye

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Kim Seon-ah told Lee Dong-wook goodbye with tears.

On the tenth episode of SBS drama "Scent of a Woman", Lee Yeon-jae (Kim Seon-ah) says goodbye to Kang Ji-wook (Lee Dong-wook) knowing she can only hurt him more in the future.

She found out that he was hurting because his mother passed away very suddenly. She remembered he said, "I never want to lose anyone like that again" and decided she would part with him as her pain relievers weren't working and her condition had gotten worse.

Kang Ji-wook decided to present her with a day like the movies. He purposely put ice cream on her clothes and knocked over the flower basket so that he could present her with clothes and a bouquet of flowers. Showing her a fireworks display he said, "I wanted to give this to someone I loved ever since I was young and I think it has found it's owner" and took out a ring from his time capsule.

Tearing up, Yeon-jae said, "I don't think I can accept this. I don't want to see you anymore". As Ji-wook wasn't sure what was going on, she said, "I felt humiliated by your father. I didn't think I need you that much to go through all that".

He said, "I will persuade my father" but she left him saying, "You don't need to. I don't want to see you anymore".

She couldn't stop crying. When she went to the hospital to get her treatment she cried once again saying, "I hate myself. I hate it that I am sick with cancer. I hate that I can't even love because of this".

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