[Spoiler] "Gyebaek" Hyomin feels a creature scent from Lee Seo-jin

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T-ara member, singer Hyomin showed interest in Lee Seo-jin's manliness.

On the eleventh episode of MBC TV "Gyebaek" on the 29th, Gye-baek returned from the battle of castle Gajam.

On the day of the party celebrating the Bekjae army's victory, Cho-young (Hyomin) pesters Eun-go (Song Ji-hyo) to go to the party and enjoy the delicacies. However, Eun-go said she will be meeting the empress so to go there and be Gyebaek's company.

Cho-young then admired Gye-baek's appearance and said, "Gye-baek wasn't attractive at all being skinny and young but now he's somewhat changed. He smells like a lonely creature". She then expressed her interest in him once again by saying, "Hmm..the smell of a lonely creature...very good".

Meanwhile, Kim Yoo-sik first appeared as Heung-soo on this day and stamped his existence.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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