Movie "The Servant" is coming out in TV series

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Movie "The Servant" and TV series "Little Girl K" will be made into a TV movie.

Channel CGV on cable revealed that "Little Girl K" and "The Servant" will be made into a blockbuster TV movie and aired by the end of this year.

"Little Girl K" which is due to be aired in August, is the Korean action thriller version of "Nikita". A girl grows up to be a killer to avenge her mother's death and it is directed by director Kim Jong-hyeon from "Superstar Mr. Gam" and "My New Partner".

"The Servant - Drama" will be shown in October. Director Kim Dae-woo will take part in the plan as a creator and help to reform the story and characters. Movie of hot issue for its characteristics and shocking storyline will be recreated as a TV series.

General Manager Kim Cheol-yeon from Channel CGV said, ""Little Girl K" and "The Servant - Drama" will present the viewers with fun and enjoyable things to see like not yet seen before. Starting off with two this year, we plan on creating 3~4 blockbuster TV movies".

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