[Spoiler] "Boss" Ji Seong and Choi Kang-hee, Hero and Wang Ji-hye double kiss

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Cha Ji-heon (Ji Seong) and Noh Eun-seol (Choi Kang-hee), Cha Moo-won (Hero) and Seo Na-yoon (Wang Ji-hye) displayed the ending with kisses.

The fifth episode of SBS drama "Protect the Boss" started a full-scale four way relationship.

Cha Ji-heon confessed his feelings to Noh Eun-seol but she refused him. She was afraid that she might be fired from her job right away. As Cha Ji-heon pressured on her saying he won't work, Noh Eun-seol told him she would think about it.

Noh Eun-seol started to remodel Cha Ji-heon. She was going to do her best to help him overcome his panic disorder and become the perfect plutocrat. He took her home and showed her a book on panic disorder. While looking at the book together he kissed her.

Meanwhile, Seo Na-yoon was confused between Cha Ji-heon and Cha Moo-won but told Noh Eun-seol to step back from Cha Ji-heon. She needed to have Cha Ji-heon's feeling's towards her.

Seo Na-yoon explained her frustration to Cha Moo-won about Ji-heon ignoring her. Moo-won kissed her saying, "Come to me when your body and mind are ready". He also hadn't decided his mind between Seo Na-yoon and Noh Eun-seol.

The two couples kiss scenes displayed the ending. While Cha Ji-heon and Noh Eun-seol checked their feelings for each other, Cha Moo-won and Seo Na-yoon's kiss make viewers wonder what will happen in the future.

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