Shin Hyeon-joon points out,"Park Won-sook came to work mourning over her son"

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Actor Shin Hyeon-joon spoke about Han Ye-seul who is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Spy MyeongWol".

KBS 2TV ""Entertainment News Delivery" broadcasted Han Ye-seul apologizing to the staff and actors and actresses on site.

At a lunch gathering, Han Ye-seul nearly cried saying, "I didn't think about the hard times others would go through just because of my conflict with another member of staff. I misunderstood those I thought didn't like me and made me suffer on purpose. I am grateful to all of you for welcoming me back warmly".

Program MC Shin Hyeon-joon said, "A shocking event has happened. Senior Park Won-sook came to work even when her son passed away. An actor or actress has to keep his or her place no matter what happens".

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul had refused to cooperate with the drama and caused problems to the broadcast.

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