[Spoiler] "Gyebaek" Jo Jae-hyeon and Lee So-jin's loyalty escapes danger

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Jo Jae-hyeon was loyal to Lee Seo-jin.

On the tenth of MBC drama "Gyebaek", Gye-baek (Lee Seo-jin) who was thought to be dead faced Eun-go(Song Ji-hyo) and Eui-ja (Jo Jae-hyeon).

Having charged into the Baekje territory to take revenge on Eui-ja, Gye-baek resolves his misunderstandings with the prince thanks to Eun-go.

Even though Eui-ja asked him to return to the Baekje together, Gye-baek goes to save the captives held in the Shilla.

Eui-ja couldn't watch him get killed so he also sneaks in disguised. Thinking they had Kim Yoo-sin (Park Seong-woong) completely fooled, Eui-ja and Eun-go get their covers blown by accidentally running into Dok-ge (Yoon Da-hoon) and are captured prisoners.

At a time of danger, Eui-ja chases away the Shilla army from the Gajam palaces with the help of Seong-choong (Jeon No-min) and Gye-baek's loyalty.

Meanwhile, the ninth episode of "Gyebaek" on the 22nd rated its greatest on the 22nd and is showing rapid increase.

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