Cha Tae-hyeon "Why I'm so sorry to Ha Ji-won...."

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Actor Cha Tae-hyeon expressed his apologies to actress Ha Ji-won.

MBC TV "Section TV" showed an interview with actor Cha Tae-hyeon on the 21st.

While watching his past videos, when the movie "BA:BO" came by he said, "I am sorry to Ha Ji-won because I asked her to cast in the movie personally but it failed. That was the first and last time, after that, I never ask her again".

About not having a single scandal with beautiful actresses Jeon Ji-hyeon, Son Ye-jin, Seong Yoo-ri, Song Hye-kyo and more, he said, "I don't think they think of me as an opposing actor. I never drew a line, they did".

Also, about Seong Yoo-ri's recent claim that she only kept in contact with Cha Tae-hyeon from their movie "First Love of a Royal Prince" he induced laughter by saying, "Is it really just me? Yoo-ri, why did you live your life like that?"

When he was asked who he wanted to act with he said, "I am not picky. If Sin Se-kyeong, Park Min-yeong and Lee Min-jeong say OK then I am always ready. But I guess they would prefer to act with a single man and not me".

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