"Marrying the Mafia IV" Chuseok = Comedy will it become a hit?

Thursday, August 25, 2011 0 comments

Comedy series "Marrying the Mafia IV – Family Ordeal" is targeting Chuseok for its release.

Coming on the following 8th, the Hong family who have wrapped up mafia business and started "Mother's Hand" Food Company, leave for a rally and vacation overseas for the first time in their lives but face an unprecedented event.

Starting with the first "Marrying the Mafia", this series has made its place as one of the most representative comedies in Korea as it holds a record of gathering up to 15 million audiences.

This time, it is especially more looked forward to as there are new characters in addition to the original such as Jeong Joon-ha, Hyeon Yeong and Kim Ji-woo.

Back for the first time in 5 years, there is much attention towards whether or not "Marrying the Mafia IV - Family Ordeal" will make a hit.

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