[Spoiler] "The Princess' Man" Park Si-hoo reunites with Moon

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Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hoo) and Lee Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) reunited. They wanted this so much with the Great War ahead of them but affection and anger existed in their reunion.

On the tenth episode of KBS2 TV "The Princess' Man" Se-ryeong stood against General Soo Yang (Kim Young-cheol) for Kim Seung-yoo who avoided execution thanks to Danjong.

Blaming herself for not being able to protect Seung-yoo, Se-ryeong came to a decision. She stood in front of General Soo Yang with no means to move aside. Despite the opinions that it was no use, she offered herself as security and made her thoughts clear.

Fortunately Seung-yoo exchanged exaltation for execution and Se-ryeong found Seung-yoo after hearing this. The two faced each other in prison without words. The moment she stood in front of him, she angered at the sight of him straggled.

This was because of Se-ryeong's double life. Kim Seung-yoo only found out she was General Soo Yang's daughter after the death of his father Kim Jong-seo (Lee Soon-jae). He couldn't help but be astonished at the truth he saw when he found General Soo Yang in plans of revenge. He was only danger to Se-ryeong in the mixed feelings of affection and fury.

At the end of the broadcast, General Soo Yang's imperialists proceeded to the place of Seung-yoo's exile and he escaped fighting against the guards.

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