[Spoiler] "The Princess' Man" Moon Chae-won tells Park Si-hoo "Come to kill me"

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Moon Chae-won transformed from a girl to a strong woman.

On the eleventh episode of KBS 2 drama "The Princess' Man", Se-ryeong (Moon Chae-won) reveals her true identity to Kim Seung-yoo (Park Si-hoo) who is at risk of losing his life after losing all of his family at the hands of General Sooyang (Kim Young-cheol).

At his prison cell, Se-ryeong looked at him with apologies and affection. Seeingher, he strangled her and asked angrily, "Who are you. Are you really Sooyang's daughter?"

She was hurt as his cold eyes. Angered by her, he yelled in fury, "I will tear you and your father apart with my own two hands!"

She then cried tears of sorrow and said, "My name is Lee Se-ryeong. Please stay alive and come and kill me. I will wait for the day you come to do so".

Therefore the two lovers had now become enemies targeting for each other lives.

Meanwhile, Seung-yoo avoided beheading just barely and was exiled. However, he ran in to Sooyang' s men on the way and tried to escape them with his life on the line.

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