[Spoiler] "Gyebaek" miss-casting?

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Eui-ja (Jo Jae-hyeon) suddenly became old.

MBC special drama "Gyebaek" showed all the characters become adults on the 16th.

There was significant importance on Eui-ja in the 8th episode. Eui-ja was sensual and led the drama with excellent performance. However, he was too old visually to say he was a prince and disturbed viewers focus.

In the scene where he faced Moo Wang (Choi Jong-hwan), they looks too similar at age to be called father and son. In real life, Choi Jong-hwan and Jo Jae-hyeon are of the same age as they born in 1965.

He was also older looking than Satekbi (Oh Yeon-soo). No matter how anyone argues that they look young, this has no other explanation but miss-casting. Whether or not Jo Jae-hyeon's act can cover it up is unknown.

Netizen's say, "How could he be the same age as his father", "Maybe he'd be better off as a king. I hope he becomes one soon", "Will I get used to it?", "It's difficult overcoming age but the age does give a sense of relief" and more.

Source: news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean)
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