Richard Gere suddenly meets Rain why? "I'll wait until you're discharged"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 0 comments

While it has been revealed that Richard Gere and Rain are preparing for a later "World Project", it turns out Richard Gere showed interest and contacted Rain first.

It was recently told to News N that, "When Richard Gere visited Korea, he called Rain and arranged a meet". Richard Gere carefully asked Rain if he would like to be in a movie together.

However, Rain answered, "No thank you" because of his military service at the end of this year. He politely rejected Richard Gere's offer but Gear told him, "I'll wait until you are discharged".

Their meeting was first let known by Twitter. Rain posted, "How happy I am~ I was offered to be in a project that doesn't even make sense to me right now. So I met him~ wait for me in 3 years...with Mr. Richard Gere" and uploaded a picture he took with him.

Meanwhile, Rain is looking forward to join the army in October and he is now preparing for his last national tour.

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