Park Min-yeong "Lee Min-ho is mature and a deep thinker"

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Actress Park Min-yeong complimented Lee Min-ho she acted with in SBS drama "City Hunter".

She took on the role of bodyguard Kim Na-na along with National Communications Agent and City Hunter Lee Yoon-seong by Lee Min-ho.

In an interview with Asia Today, Park Min-yeong said, "My acting style was very much like Lee Min-ho and he was very considerate so I think that's why we got a good reaction".

She continued, "I knew Lee Min-ho before but that was all. But through this drama I got to know about him for the first time and he is an actor with deep thoughts and he is mature".

At the drama preview Park Min-yeong said, "I know Lee Min-ho so I am worried if we can carry on this mellow drama". The two were as good as friends on set throughout the drama.

Lee Min-ho and I are very playful so we had fun while shooting the drama. We would criticize each other for example. He wore a lot of tight clothes so I teased him 'why are you walking around in underwear?' and we got close like that".

Meanwhile, Park Min-yeong is starring in the new KBS2 drama "Man of Honor" coming on October 12th.

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