Moon Geun-yeong dance video... hip hop sexy waist?

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Netizen's are all about the Moon Geun-yeong dance.

A dance video that has been spreading through an online community is of Moon Geun-yeong performing at her third fan meeting 'Gift' that was held on the 30th of July.

In the video, Moon Geun-yeong is no longer the 'national baby sister' but a sexy hip hop girl.

On stage, Moon Geun-yeong was wearing wide black baggy pants and a sleeveless shirt with a stylish cap, dancing the hip hop. She did everything from sexy waves to waist twirling moves.

Even at the second time, she wore a white sleeveless over a short black mini dress.

Those who have seen her dance say, "She could be a dance singer", "This was unexpected", "I feel like I'm going to sink in", "She said dancing became her hobby after "Innocent Steps" and it looks like that was true", "It's so awesome that she only practiced this to show her fans", "Her waist dance is crazy" and more.

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