Eric "I apologize to Venerable Beopjeong"

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Singer and actor Eric Moon (32, Moon Jeong-hyuk) explained and apologized about the religious battle with netizens.

Eric Moon posted on his Twitter on the 12th, "There have been many followers on Twitter who ask for help using religious quotes but there are many who aren't religious so please refrain from doing that on Twitter".

He explained, "I asked why I should be told what to do in my own space where I try to help people with methods of my own and that person said, "Venerable Beopjeong will go to hell again for those poor souls who have been sent to hell by Jesus"".

He continued, "I felt that as an insult to Jesus and spoke without filtering it through my head. I realized later that Venerable Beopjeong hadn't said those words before and this follower had quoted him without knowing it wasn't true and I feel we have caused trouble for someone who has already passed away".

"I erased the post very apologetically but I have become the Eric Moon who insulted Venerable Beopjeong without the story front and back to explain.

"I apologize for having insulted someone who is sacred and respected by many. I have done wrong and I will accept whatever you do to scold me".

Meanwhile, Eric Moon is currently in the KBS 2TV drama "Spy MyeongWol" as Kang Woo.

The documentary recently released "Monk Beopjeong's Chair", was dedicated to Venerable Beopjeong.

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