"City Hunter" : Lee Min-ho's TOP 5 fashion in City Hunter

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Starring as Lee Yun-seong, a womanizer who secretly becomes the controversial City Hunter, Lee Min-ho has spelled his charm and magnetized the majority of Korean drama-addicted. His suave attitude, mysterious image, and high sense of fashion have indeed supported "City Hunter" to reach excellent ranks both in Seoul and nationwide for several times.

Here are the TOP 5 Lee Min-ho's fashions during the "City Hunter".


Black suit, tiny little black tie, perfectly-polished shoes, and white shirt will always do. And if only the owner is Lee Min-ho, who can resists not taking a peek?


Untidy and neglected hair with a sweaty loose T-shirt definitely depicts a bad-boy. But carrying a gun with that massive size, that's exactly a really BAD-BOY that we adore.


Combination of PINK pants and long coat? It doesn't always work for guys. Lee Min-ho, he's the total exception. Even if Lee Min-ho wears pink pants completed with pink shirt and carries his pink suitcase with style, it might still have its own unique charm.


This combination of steel-blue long coat and khaki pants is definitely a great choice of colours to support Lee Min-ho's mellow charisma in this particular scene, where he sadly came to see his mom in secret.


Black that forcefully represents power, elegance, and mystery is a definite colour for the famous City Hunter. Black leather jacket, black pants, black shoes, and carrying a black gun. What a perfect combination!

Lastly, what do you think of the secret behind Lee Min-ho's stylish fashion?

His perfectly-built body is the answer!

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