2NE1, 2nd on iTunes Electronic Album Chart

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 0 comments
2NE1 has done it again!

On the same day that the girls released their new mini-album on July 28th, it hit number two on the Electronic Album Chart in the USiTunes market. The mini-album was dropped around the world through iTunes.

Currently, 2Ne1 is working on their album for a US release with famed producer and singer Will.i.am. Although the exact date of their debut has yet to be announced, it does appear that this is something that they're working full-speed for.

The latest album features the title song called "Ugly", along with six other tracks including previously released hits "Don't Cry", "Lonely", "I'm The Best", and "Hate You".

"Ugly" is about a girl who has been hurt by others looking down on her looks. The song has a fresh rock sound that not only attracts Korean listeners, but international ones as well.

Most notably, the chorus is pretty much all in English, different from other songs that feature maybe a line or two in English. This is a move sure to please 2NE1's many international fans for them to easily sing along.

Currently the girls are planning for their concert "Nolza" on August 29th to the 28th. Following that, they will be debuting in Japan in September.

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