[Spoiler] [TD On Air] "Boss" Choi Kang-hee pulls Ji Seong by the collar into a hug

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Choi Kang-hee pulled Ji Seong by the collar into a hug.

On the thirteenth episode of SBS drama "Protect the Boss", Choi Kang-hee made the movement of skin-ship first to Ji Seong.

Eun-seol (Choi Kang-hee) discovered Chairman Cha's (Park Yeong-gyoo) creation of secret funds and was disappointed. Being pessimistic about plutocratic corruption, Eun-seol felt betrayal for him whom she trusted.

She was then depressed. She looked at Ji Seong who didn't know anything and tried to feel better.

Glad to see her, he said, "Step forward 7 steps, I won't touch you. It's OK to just look at you".

She stared at him and then pulled him by the collar and into a close hug. Ji-heon was smiling because he liked it but also realized something was not right.

He asked her what was wrong but she just said, "I just think your amazing" and looked much more comfortable.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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