Hwang Sin-hye's daughter is a beauty... who else?

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Beauty actress Hwang Sin-hye's photo collection with her daughter has been revealed and netizen's interests in the stars' children are getting higher.

Hwang Sin-hye and Park Ji-young posed for pictures in the collection for the fashion magazine In Style. Wearing bright red lipstick for highlight, Park Ji-young stood contrasted to her sexy mother and looked very young and fresh.

The interest in other children of stars' who made it to screens with talent is increasing. The one special case is Yoon Da-hoon's daughter, Nam Kyeong-min (Nam Ha-na). She became famous for her looks, then made her debut through the drama "Cinderella's Sister" as Seo Ji-eun.

Another example is Lee Kyeong-gyoo's daughter Lee Ye-rim who appeared in the advertisement for his "Koko Noodles" and Jo Jae-hyeon's short-tracking son Jo Soo-hoon.

At a lower age level, Jeong Woong-in's daughter Jeong Se-yoon also known as the Korean Suri Cruise, Yoon Do-hyeon's daughter Yoon I-jeong and announcer Park Chan-min's daughter Park Min-ha who is well known for her role in the drama "Indomitable Daughters-In-Law".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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