Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Jin become DJs

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Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Jin will be surprise DJs on "Sweet Night, this is Yang Jeong-ah".

The two are coming back for the first time in a year after they appeared as guests on "Ock Ju-hyun's Gayo Square" with Lee Hyo-lee.

Seong Yoo-ri had once promised Yang Jeong-ah she would make an appearance, after they were in the drama "Romance Town" together.

Lee Jin also accepted the request despite her busy preparations for the new KBS drama "Man of Honor".

Seong Yoo-ri said, "I wanted to keep my promise with Jeong-ah and I am happy I finally got the chance. I once had a lot of fun radio Dj-ing".

Lee Jin said, "It will be a fun and cheerful 3 days with the listeners".

Meanwhile, Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Jin can be heard from the 14th to the 16th, from 8:30 PM to 1 PM, on SBS Love FM.

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