Kim Ha-neul and Jang Geun-seok on the bed

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Bed scene and wrestling?

'Romance Comedy Queen' Kim Ha-neul and new Hallyu star Jang Geun-seok's movie "You Pet" released its teaser.

"You Pet" is a love story about Kim Ha-neul, who wants all the authority, and Jang Geun-seok, who does anything and everything he is told.

In the teaser, we can see Kim Ha-neul and Jang Geun-seok's comedic nuisance. They are on the floor wrestling, and Kim Ha-neul has Jang Geun-seok on his knees as punishment. But as much as he's a pet, washing him is also her job. He is not only cute but he is also devious, so he's on his knees all the time, or snuggling next to her at night on her bed. At the end of the teaser, Kim Ha-neul gets angry and asks, "Why do you keep coming onto my bed?" to which he replied, "I only touched your breasts".

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