Soo-ae and Kim Rae-won in affectionate hug

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Soo-ae and Kim Rae-won are reborn as a most melodramatic couple this fall.

A picture from new SBS drama "A Thousand Days' Promise" was revealed.

Soo-ae and Kim Rae-won are looking at each other with so much affection that it could be misunderstood as a picture of real lovers. Great expectations are held for the love story that will be told in the drama, as well as their performances in it.

A return project for writer Kim Su-hyun, Soo-ae and Kim Rae-won, "A Thousand Days' Promise" is about a woman who is losing her memory and a man who works hard to keep their love. It will be broadcasted on the 17th of October after "Warrior Baek Dong-soo".

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