[Spoiler] "Gyebaek" Lee Seo-jin and Song Ji-hyo hug, Hyomin is jealous

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Song Ji-hyo hugged Lee Seo-jin.

In the MBC TV drama "Gyebaek", Song Ji-hyo was worried sick that Gye-baek (Lee Seo-jin) didn't return from the fight with Nam-jo (Jo Sang-gi) to save her.

She remembers him saying, "Let yourself be the reason I live" and though about his feelings for her.

When he appeared unharmed, Eun-go got up right away and hugged him. Surprised, he just stood there.

Eun-go said, "You can't be hurt because of me" and he said, "It's not because of you, it's for me to live" and hugged again.

Cho-young (Hyomin) was watching this, complicated.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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