Lee Ji-ah went through a lot of mental stress

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She avoided people for several months and stayed home.

Actress Lee Ji-ah doesn't know how to get out of the house.

She has been avoiding outside contact for the past 3 months. She doesn't want to meet people so no-one around her knows how she's doing.

According to a friend, she went through so much stress that she lost more than 5 kg. She couldn't even eat well at one point.

She is avoiding coming outside. She is avoiding people and won't even talk on the phone. Luckily, she has recently tried to snap out of it and made a few visits outside and to the movies.

Lee Ji-ah and Seo Taiji's divorce 6 months ago caused a stir in the whole country. As the divorce was released into the world, questions like when they got married and why they went through this became the hottest issue. Their divorce was completed on the 29th of last July. However, she had been avoiding people and outside contact since the start of the divorce. A friend says, "It's too soon to say when she will return to her job".

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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