[Spoiler] Park Ki-woong and Ki Eun-se's sweet kiss

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A still of Park Ki-woong's sweet date, from the SBS drama "The Musical", has been revealed.

He performed a very cold act in the SBS drama "The Musical" on the first episode, Septmeber 2nd. Yoo-jin (Park Ki-woong) started the musical business as a 3rd generation magnate, but he is friendlier with numbers than art, and he only thinks about the profits. He left a strong impression by acting so cold to Eun-bi (Koo Hye-seon), who joined the musical to pursue her passion.

However, it seems like he will turn 180 degrees in the next episode. On a date with long time lover Ra-kyeong (Ki Eun-se), he will do something that shows the true city guy.

Walking arm in arm, a forehead kiss, and a sweet kiss -- all in the still -- shows the real connection of the couple. In turns out, the actor and actress had just met for the first time, and after the scene they were really awkward.

Naturally becoming a couple through a promise made by the two familes, Ra-kyeong and Yoo-jin have been investing and promoting the musical and are very professional in their jobs but one day become involved with passionate believer Ko Eun-bi and her supporter/genius songwriter Hong Jay (Choi Daniel), who are both so different from them.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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