[Spoiler] "Romance Town" Jeong Kyeo-woon and Seong Yoo-ri indirect kiss

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Seong Yoo-ri and Jeong Kyeo-woon shared a kiss and became a real couple.

On the 8th episode of KBS2 drama "Romance Town",Kang Gun-woo (Jeong Kyeo-woon) and Noh Soon-geum (Seong Yoo-ri) exchanged feelings for each other and shared a sweet kiss.

Hwang Yong's (Jo Seong-ha) hired men broke into the 1st Street House to change Kang Tae-won's (Lee Jae-yong-I) Lotto ticket and just happened to run into Kang Gun-woo and Noh Soon-geum. They were then tied up. Resisting from them, Gun-woo gets hurt. The hired men changed the tickets and left the house.

Left alone by themselves, Gun-woo unsealed Noh Soon-geum's tapped mouth with his mouth and created a romantic atmosphere. Then they were rescued by Tu (Kim Ye-won-I).

Noh Soon-geum then visited Gun-woo at the hospital. She said,"Sorry the two women like you" to which Gun-woo asked,"Who liked Gun-woo more?". She replied,"My heart feels the same. I don't know how to divide my heart in two" and showed her feelings.

Kang Gun-woo then kissed her and re-created the love line.

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