Kim Hyun-joong,"My grandma passed away on the day of awards"

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Singer Kim Hyun-joong spoke about the time he couldn't be with his grandmother when she passed away.

On the SBS TV "Kang Heart",Kim Hyun-joong said he had a problem with not being able to express his feelings to his family because of his bluntness.

He said,"When I give them money, I just set it down or give it to my brother instead. I want to express myself but I can't and that bothers me".

He continued,"My grandmother passed away at the end of year awards last year. After the event my bow tie turned into a black neck tie and found out about her. Then I felt,it's too late to regret it. Show as much as you can when you can".

However, still stressing about his bluntness, he decided again,"I've realized again. I haven't been contacting my father a lot recently preparing my album but I think I should at least start now".

Then he ended his talk with a video letter for his father. "I never told you before but I respect you. I think I've only been cold and rigid. I'm sorry I can't act out the way I feel. It's because of you I'm here and I'll become a better son.

Meanwhile,"Kang Heart: King of Kings" hosted 2PM Jun Ho, TVXQ U-Know, Park Jeong-ah, Oh Jeong-hae, Choi Hong-man, Kim Hyun-joong and more.

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