[Exclusive] "Couple look, black?" Goo Ha-ra and Yong Joon-hyeon date fashion?

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Goo Ha-ra (21) and Yong Joon-hyeong (23) not only think alike in feelings but in fashion too.

On a date in the middle of the night, the two wore black t-shirts and jeans. Because of what they're wearing, you can tell that they are a couple from far way.

Their fashion was very like the strongly characterized 20s. They weren't exactly the same but they displayed their looks and taste even with the same color. It was more sophisticated than an obvious couple-look.

Goo Ha-ra was pleasantly plain. She wore a normal balck t-shirt with English words printed on it and ripped skinnies with light sneakers for the walk date she was on.

Yong Joon-hyeon was very much like the fashionista from Beast. He wore baggy jeans with a black character t-shirt. He topped it off with a hunting cap and black high-top shoes.

There were no signs of a star's must have mask and sunglasses. They didn't try to hide their faces or anything. They're honesty and boldness made their couple look even neater.

Meanwhile, Goo Ha-ra and Yong Joon-hyeong developed from co-workers to a couple about a month ago. Supporting each other as singers they have become a couple. Their managements said,"The two have good feelings for each other".

Source:news.nate.com/view/20... (Korean)
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