[Spoiler] Couple shots revealed for the upcoming Korean drama "Heartstrings"

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Couple shots revealed for the upcoming Korean drama "Heartstrings"

"Heartstrings" (2011)

Directed by Pyo Min-soo

Written by Lee Myeong-sook

Network: MBC

With Park Sin-hye, Jeong Yong-hwa, Song Chang-ee, Woori, Kang Min-hyuk, So I-hyeon,...

16 episodes - Wed,Thu 21:55
Previously known as "Festival - Drama" and "You Fall for Me"
"You Fall for Me" is based on an Art University and is about those who run towards their dreams with sweat,tears and sweet love.
In the drama Park Sin-hye is a tough and lively girl as well as a gayageum (upcoming Korean zither with twelve strings) prodigy, Kyu-won. Jeong Yong-hwa is cold city guy and applied music and guitar prodigy Sin, who will be spreading out sweet love scenes with Park Sin-hye.

Broadcast starting date in Korea: 2011/06/29

Source:www.hancinema.net/kor... (English Korean)


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