Kim Ha-neul? Wearing black see-through and deep cut dress

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Is it really Kim Ha-neul?

Actress Kim Ha-neul who has the innocent image went through a major change. She was revealed in a photo shoot collection for men's magazine GQ, July edition. She is wearing a black see-through dress than shows her underwear and then wearing a red dress that shows the whole of her back.

It is said that she was greatly happy with the way she looked on set after seeing the pictures taken.

In the following interview, she spoke about her fears in joining the entertainment industry, honestly about her image and her experience in the KBS TV program "1 Night 2 Days". She said she drinks soju in a married friend's house when she is upset and that she was really lonely when she wakes up in the middle of night alone.

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-neul is looking forward to the release of the movie "Blind" in which she can't see, this coming August.

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