[Spoiler] "Take Care Of Us, Captain" Ji Jin-hee yells at Koo Hye-seon

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Ji Jin-hee fought again as soon as he came back.

On the latest episode of SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain", aired January 19th, Kim Yoon-seong (Ji Jin-hee), who had signed his letter of resignation, returned and went on a flight with Han Da-jin (Koo Hye-seon).

He scolded her for not greeting him nicely as soon as they sat down and Da-jin fought back saying, "Then you should apologize to me too".

Checking that all passengers were boarded while looking for a runway, Da-jin was told to go to the right but Kim Yoon-seong kept telling her to check again.

Thinking that this was personal, she kept arguing that she was right but it turned out that the employee at the control center wasn't clear about her lefts and rights, therefore Da-jin had made a mistake.

Da-jin apologized right away but Yoon-seong snapped back, "What's the use of being sorry when all the passengers have died? I told you to leave all personal feelings behind when you come up to the cockpit, but if you can't, then it's best you quit".

Meanwhile, on this day, Kang Dong-soo (Lee Cheon-hee) also told Kim Yoon-seong that he liked Han Da-jin.

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