Sin Se-kyeong needs photo editing to become innocent and glamorous?

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Leader of innocent and glamorous Sin Se-kyeong has a dishonorable tag calling her the 'corrected celebrity'.

There was a picture posted on an online community recently under the title, 'Sin Se-kyeong in an ad and she looks much friendlier'. There is a big difference in the Sin Se-kyeong we know in this picture. Her volume and long legs are gone and there's nothing but short and chubby.

On the other hand, the edited version of the picture highlights volume and slim waistline. The before and after editing is very different. It makes one wonder if they are the same persons. This also reveals the truth of the wannabe style we've wanted and envied.

Other than that, Sin Se-kyeong has been compared with pictures from her photo collections and from live events, bringing about the 'real body controversy'. Unlike her picture collections, Sin Se-kyeong at live events seemed much plumper.

Those who have seen these pictures say, "Is this the truth of innocent and voluptuous?", "She has the typical Korean style body", "Editing is mighty", "Her body has a friendly balance", "So what I've seen in picture books are different?" and more.

Meanwhile, Sin Se-kyeong was awarded the Outstanding Drama Special Award at the 2011 SBS Acting Awards Ceremony.

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