Jeon Ji-hyeon to get married in June

Friday, January 20, 2012 0 comments

Her wedding date is now decided a year after dating Choi, a man in the finance business.

Wedding bells to be heard after her movie "Berlin".

"The two are deeply in love".

Top star Jeon Ji-hyeon will become the bride of June. She is getting married to Choi, a man in the finance business who is also the same age as her.

According to several spokespersons, the wedding date was set with careful consideration for her current film, "Berlin", and will happen right after she arrives back from Germany. "The two have known each other since their 20s and they were both born in 1981. Their love deepened when she took such good care of him when he was very sick".

Jeon Ji-hyeon's love is the grandson of famous Hanbok designer Lee Yeong-hee.

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