Lee Min-ho appears on "Delightful Talk" in China

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Hallyu Star Lee Min-ho appeared on the Chinese TV program "Delightful Talk", which is ranked number one out of all Chinese TV programs. We have videos to show what he did to mesmerize fans.

"Delightful Talk" is a talk show on which only the top stars are cast for in China. Funan Wisung TV gave Lee Min-ho shocking treatment by reprogramming his segment on January 14th into a 'special' and giving him a full 90 minutes of airtime.

The results were natural. 2.6% of all viewers tuned in. This is a top ranking considering the 79 channels in the 29 states of China. This program is also the best rating in the last 2 years of Funan Wisung TV.

Lee Min-ho greeted fans with the dialect of the Jiangxia district. He then stepped over obstacles with his long legs and even let them measure the length of his legs.

He presented the MC with pottery that represents Korea and a New Years card that had the pattern of a Hanbok. He also handed out a Luck Strainer to all of the audience members. It was a special program for Lee Min-ho indeed.

The reactions were unbelievable. The audiences' cheers made it almost impossible to record anything and the MC said, "The audience cheered for 10 minutes at Lee Min-ho's words. I think the program will be over with a few more of his words".

When Lee Min-ho said, "I am having a good time filming in China. I hope we can see more of each other soon" the audiences' disappointed exclamations were a good sight to see.

All this was reflected in the shows ratings. Lee Min-ho's act to get closer to Chinese fans created a synergy effect and resulted in a number one ranking among the whole country.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
Credit to hancinema.net


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