Ahn Seong-gi's 50 years of acting, from child to adult

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Ahn Seong-gi's entire acting history has been revealed.

Everything from Ahn Seong-gi's debut to the present moment can be seen at one glance.

Ahn Seong-gi, who used to smile like a naïve boy and be so cute, earned himself the title 'genius kid actor' long ago.

Having debuted with director Kim Ki-young's "Twilight Years" in 1957, Ahn Seong-gi was given an acting award the San Francisco International Film Festival.

He was also the naughty son in Kim Ki-young's "The Housemaid - 1960" in 1960 and performed just as well as any grown up actor.

Through his performance the 1990 movie "Good Wind" by Lee Jang-ho, Ahn Seong-gi was chosen for the film "Our Happy Youth" and was quite a popular young man amongst the ladies.

Rising to become the best actor in Korea and seen as a perfectionist by the public, Ahn Seong-gi earned himself the nickname of Korea's 'National Actor' and worked with Chung Ji-young, Kang Woo-seok, Lee Myeong-se, Lee Joon-ik and more.

Ahn Seong-gi is loved for his soft charisma that becomes more and more dignified with age and emotion.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )
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